Honest Joy follow generally accepted industry standards to protect user information security in the dissemination process. But we can't guarantee absolute security, because there is no one way of transmission or electronic storage on the Internet that is 100% safe. As part of our commitment to our customers, we will try our best to protect your personal information in all commercially acceptable ways. Similarly, Honest Joy protects users' information from viruses and hackers in accordance with industry standards. We use the latest security technology and the latest products released by other companies to ensure that the system operates in accordance with industry standards. The purpose of our policy is to reassure our customers that we will absolutely guarantee your privacy.

Information use
1.Honest Joy Services are primarily for business users, not individuals. The personal information (including personal data) you provide to us will be used for marketing services by email or phone.
2.When you activate your honey joy account (including your trial account), you agree to receive a marketing newsletter from honey joy by email, phone or daily mail.
3.If you do not want to receive our email alerts or any promotional information, you can unsubscribe from these services according to the unsubscribe instructions in each newsletter or event, or you can contact the service personnel.
4.A simple and automatic unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of each email sent through the host joy system. You can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe location link at the bottom of the page. We will not send you any more emails later.
5.Your personal or non personal information may be required by honest joy to provide you with technical support or other services upon your request.

Information sharing and disclosure
1.Without your written consent, honey joy will not sell or lease your personal or business data under any circumstances. Except at the request of the court of law.
2.For technical support, customer service, marketing or invoicing purposes, the host joy staff need to know your information. This information also needs to be provided to the third party related to honest joy, for example, the third party invoice provider needs the user's account information.
3.We use third-party tracking services to track visitors as a whole, such as by investigating the number of visitors, page views, page visits, feedback rate, stay time and the proportion of new visitors to analyze the usage of our website and which content is most popular.

Network beacon or website beacon
1.We use network beacon Technology (website beacon) to inform us which content is effective, so as to help us better manage website content. A network beacon is a small chart with a specific identifier. Its function is similar to that of a cookies information recorder, which is used to track online activities of network users. In contrast to cookies installed in the user's hard drive, network beacons are embedded in web pages, the size of which is like the period of this article. We will not use the Internet beacon to collect customer personal information.
2.We use web beacons in web mail to see which messages the receiver has opened, so as to better evaluate the effectiveness of some communication methods and Internet Express marketing.

Links to other sites
There are links to websites of companies other than honey joy on this website. Honey joy is not responsible for the privacy management of these sites. For example, when you use share to link to social networking sites, import lists, and / or tell your friends about our sites, you have entered a third-party site. Please note that the privacy policies of these third party websites are governed by their own websites. We suggest that you pay attention to and understand the management of personal privacy of each website when you leave our website. This privacy policy only applies to information on this website.

information safety
1.In order to protect our information security, honest joy has invested a lot in servers, databases, technical support and firewalls. These technologies deploy our sophisticated security engineering. We will continue to strengthen the security management of these servers and the protection of your privacy.
2.Due to the sensitivity of your list, we will not resend the forgotten password. If users forget their password, they need to reset it according to the online instructions. User passwords are encrypted, we can't see your password, we can only reset it for you.
3.We prevent data loss, abuse and change in the system through technical, administrative and physical means. The data on the network is not absolutely safe. We will try our best to protect your data from abuse or leakage, but we cannot guarantee or promise the absolute security of the data you provide.

Questions about accounts
If you have any questions about how we use the collected information or our rights to account management, please contact us.

Privacy policy changes
Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted here. Please check this page regularly. If you have any questions about the change, please contact.